(An Initiative of Ministry of Micro, Small and Medium Enterprises)
Why MSMEs?

The largest employment generators can benefit through inputs from students and faculty in various ways:

  • Methods for increasing revenue through product innovation.
  • Finding new cost effective ways of designing and manufacturing products.
  • New methods for training the workforce.
  • Being updated with the latest technology.
  • Increased access and to international market opportunities.
Facilitation which you can expect from the

Ministry of MSME
  • Obtaining industry specific technology from globally accessible expertise.
  • Assistance in reaching out to government and public sector customers who are obligated by law to buy a percentage of their requirements from MSME’s.
  • Assistance in getting specialized training programs organized through workshops or via eLearning.
  • Access to software systems to improve operational efficiency in a cost effective manner.
  • Help in product design improvements through National Institutes of Design.
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