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Why Academia?
  • Engineering students (degree and diploma) have limited practical experience at the completion of education and they also lack the necessary skills to be effective employees without further on-the-job training, thus limiting their employment opportunities. Similar problem also exists for students completing their training at ITIs.

  • MBA Students can contribute to the MSME’s by way of creative idea inputs related to strategy, marketing, increasing sales, cost reduction, financial planning, human resource development, etc.

  • Faculty normally follows a syllabus that in most cases is not in tune with the industry requirements. They onlt teach what is prescribed in textbooks with minimum value addition in terms of the students actually being able to solve real life problems. Close interaction with MSME’s will help the faculty in getting a better perception for real life problems. Also the faculty can guide the students in solving problems releated to MSMEs.

JUL 25 , 2017
Unique Educare

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JUL 9 , 2017
mas enterprise

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JUL 6 , 2017
Sambalpur University

Sambalpur University is a State University imparting Post Graduation course.....